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Free Coupons For New Customers Only

Sorry there are no regular free coupons available at this time.
We give out 1 free coupon to a New Customer every 100 coupons sold. The last free coupon was given out on 04-08-2020. The next free coupon will be available after 86 additional coupons are sold. Check back often, so you don't miss out.

Thu 04-09-2020- 2 coupons
Wed 04-08-2020- 19 coupons
Tue 04-07-2020- 25 coupons
Mon 04-06-2020- 40 coupons
Sun 04-05-2020- 22 coupons
Sat 04-04-2020- 61 coupons
Fri 04-03-2020- 38 coupons

Average coupons sold per day : 30
Total coupons sold: 207

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If you plan to shop at you can save even more by signing up for Ebates. Ebates is a simple way to get cash back from shopping online. Lowes typically offers at least 1% cash back through Ebates, but we have seen it as high as 5%. You can use our 10%, 15%, and 20% off coupons in combination with Ebates cash back offers. By using our referral button below you may also qualify for additional cash back for being a new member.

Click the following referral image Ebates Coupons and Cash Back and complete the Ebates registration.

Returning Customers

"Show Us Your Savings" by sending us a copy of your lowes receipt and we will send you a discount code. Beat the current Savings Record of 518.16 and we will send you a free coupon.

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